Why Writers Should Not Join Major Book Store Writing Clubs

If you are a totally fresh new writer you might want to join a Writer’s Club at a Major Book Store, but be careful many of the writers in these groups are not so knowledgeable and only like to feel self-important give advice to newbies.

So, indeed if you are brand new listen to what they have to say, but then ditch the place and move on. If they were totally great writers they would have several books by now and indeed be well on their way and perhaps too busy writing to socialize at a Bookstore Writers Club.

This is not to say that many of theseĀ https://www.cangura.com/ clubs are not great, but most left me so under whelmed, well let us just say even as an amateur writer, well I could not stay. As an amateur writer or should I really state online article amateur author it is obvious that I have a lot to learn about writing too.

Nevertheless you are a writer and you are reading this article right? So, then it makes sense if I got a writer to read my article then obviously I am doing something right and know a little bit about what I am talking about too.

And I have traveled around this nation and I have been too at least 30 of these book store writing clubs in many different states on the East and West Coast and a few in the middle too and they are not very good really and you should indeed be careful which ones you attend. By all means check them out, but be leery for obvious reasons. Consider this in 2006.