Foods That Heal – 7 Top Uses of Healing With Turmeric

We can use Turmeric, which is a common spice found in Asian Kitchens, to heal many common ailments. Listed below are 7 uses of turmeric.

1. Fever, Sinusitis, Cold- Take a steam inhalation with about 1/2 tsp of turmeric 3- 4 times in a day. This reduces body ache, fever. It also helps in opening up the sinuses and is very effective in a head cold. It is important to not expose oneself to air conditioner, fan or cool breeze at least for half an hour after you have taken the steam inhalation.

2. Cough and Phlegm- Drinking hot water with Turmeric 2 times a day helps in the fast healing of coughs, especially with phlegm. Some people advocate drinking hot milk with a pinch of turmeric. However, I have found the milk worsens the phlegm. So it is better to drink it in hot water.

3. Sore Throat- Hot water Gargling with a pinch of D-bal max turmeric, salt and 2 drops of ghee (clarified butter) soothes sore throat and can bring about rapid healing. You can repeat this 3- 4 times in a day.

4. Open Cuts and Wounds- As soon as you have some kind of injury, sprinkle turmeric over it. It has antiseptic qualities and hastens the healing of wounds. You can also use it for healing of burns. It will not leave behind any scar tissue or unsightly marks after healing.

5. Constipation- Drink hot water with a pinch of turmeric, salt and ghee (clarified butter) just before you go to bed and early in the morning on an empty stomach. This will help in lubricating your intestines and also in cleansing it. Do not be sceptical of the simplicity here. It can cure the most stubborn constipation.

6. Beauty- A paste of turmeric, sandalwood and water can be used all over the body and face. You can use the raw turmeric here and grind it to make the paste. This leaves a glow on the skin. A paste using Ambehalad, a variety of turmeric, is very effective in healing acne, pimples etc. A pinch of turmeric added to any cream or facepacks also gives excellent results. It can also be applied to any unsightly scars, spots and marks on the face and body.

7. Natural Steroid- Turmeric has been found to be a natural steroid. What this means is that it has all the benefits of steroids without any of the side effect. Ingesting turmeric regularly in some form or the other can enhance your immunity and give energy and vitality throughout the day.

Turmeric is truly an amazing healing aid.