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                                                        Ccomstat International offers affordable Web Design programs


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Ccomstat International
A Personalized Service Mission Company

Box 291438
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329

Visit our Website. We look forward to demonstrating how our programs can contribute to your organization.

Be successful:   A successful plan and strategic objective, specific channel marketing strategies, a well-defined tactical plan for market exposure, and timely and proper execution of that plan define success.

A value-driven brand is essential in today's market. However, your brand may require more than simply posting your website or just sitting back and hoping someone will call. 

As our client, your custom website will have both visibility and added value in the marketplace.  

Our clients are taught how to properly interact, network, and reach companies who are not readily identifiable or reachable through standard means and methods. 

We give our clients that extra edge as their web design agent as we present them to companies and consumers.

After a decade of helping our clients define and present their value-driven edge, our results show just that. 

Our clients want to improve their positioning and use Ccomstat as a means to accomplish that in an increasingly competitive market.

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Code of Ethics

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We deliver different services than are offered by the other web design companies who have become group delivery models. 

What’s our edge?  We provide customized programs for our client companies, individualized services tailored to each individual company with a desire to see them quickly realize financial rewards.  

Better timming:   We offer highly individualized client services that fit each client we are asked to serve.

We deliver results.  We are competitive. We are cost-effective and our clients provide great feedback on their website experiences.

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We individually prepare, position and coach our clients on a custom designed website.  

All we ask is that you call us to find out why companies are choosing Ccomstat Int. as their web design vendor.

Visit our Website. We look forward to demonstrating how our programs will contribute to your organization.



Congratulations and
thank you for choosing Ccomstat. 

Now, it’s time for you to make your choice.  

The private sector is now recovering
from a severe beating during the recession.  There are many web designs available.

Therefore, the onus is entirely upon us to demonstrate and prove your needs, in order to secure the best website design.  

Now, you must convert your leadership skills into money-in-your-pocket.

This is only achieved by demonstrating to the private sector you are worth the money they spend.  

The only way to do that is to clearly define your value-add proposition and present that to various companies and wanted consumers. 

When they perceive your added value, only then can you secure a rewarding future.

The question once again is:  What value do you bring to the market?

Please call us to discuss your needs and let’s explore all of the possibilities that are before you in your website search.

 Think positive

Gross profit

For more than a decade, Ccomstat has helped corporations with web design. 

We work closely with our clients to help them define their needs and then service their company. 

We work with a wide range of clients, including corporations, entrepreneurial businesses, private firms and nonprofit organizations.

Ccomstat is privately held, thus allowing us to focus our resources on providing the best service for our clients. 

Our clients are everything to us!

By partnering with Ccomstat, you can rest assured that your goals will be met and your mission will be accomplished. 

We have a broad understanding of the strategic, financial and operational issues affecting our client companies and the pressures an organization faces in today’s marketplace.

This affords us the opportunity to use our professional backgrounds and our years of cumulative experience to find the “right” web design option. 

Our goal is to deliver the right option each and every time.  

In our process, we evaluate various options to ensure that only the best designs are submitted by us.

We represent the very best in corporate practices and procedures and customer satisfaction.